…bye bye dresser & mirror

Okay, I lied when I said I would not comment when I sold a piece. This was a very exciting New Year’s Eve day. Not because I am going anywhere but my closet to change into my pjs and ordering Lost Dog, but because today I sold 2 pieces!

The first went to the cutest newlywed couple I know! Brado & Regina Bensten of Clarendon. They were married this Fall and it was the most beautiful wedding. We were all honored to be a part of the special event.


I know Regina was looking for a dresser, namely one from Restoration Hardware. But, when that didn’t work out she came over to blue egg. I found a sweet & well preserved antique dresser for them.

You might recognize it from yesterday’s posting. So glad it went to a cozy, sweet home! Reg, hope you get that upholstered PB bed you are eying to go with it!

My other sale came around 10am this morning via an email from Etsy saying I had a new payment in my Paypal account. I had sold my first Etsy piece! I have a love/hate relationship with Etsy. I have received emails almost every day since opening my Etsy shop with people inquiring about my furniture. It is all very flattering & keeps me motivated, but the stumbling block seems to be shipping. Shipping furniture is not easy or cheep.

Thanks to the efforts of my DH the mirror was packaged and will ship to LA on Monday. The DH is hoping the buyer, Jessica, is part of the Hollywood crowd out there and can get me a commercial 🙂 How about it, Jessica?







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