…caitlin’s pieces

The answer to the guessing game from yesterday reaped quite a few creative answers, including to collect chicken eggs and a bee keeper’s tool. My prediction that my mom would get it was true to form. And might I add that she was the only person to guess correctly – an antique church collection basket!

I loved meeting Caitlin & her sweet mom. They both had a say in the matter of color and refinishing as Caitlin, a college grad, was working in tandem on her room at her home.

Loved the pieces she brought to have done. Check out this trunk!

My kids would have loved a rowdy game of hide & seek in this piece, but I was able to keep their paws off it until pick up.

I also worked on a lovely dresser, which was not recognized by Caitlin’s Dad after seeing it in her room. Sounds like a few men in my life 🙂

I’m now in the process of working on a sweet, little golden chair for Mom.



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