…can i chalk paint outdoor pieces?

When folks ask me if they can Chalk Paint outdoor pieces I always tell them that Annie Sloan herself paints the exterior of her retail shop with her paints. I kind of think that says it all.


Two years ago Fiona was helping me with a painting project and decided to do some outdoor painting of her own.


These sweet, little hand prints in Greek Blue have been on our sidewalk for TWO YEARS! They have not faded one bit!


Everytime I walk on them I first cringe thinking I’m going to get in trouble for having painted the sidewalk and then I smile and think I never want them to disappear! I am amazed that they are still there!


(Greta’s hands on her sister’s hands)

Next time I am asked if Chalk Paint will last in the rain I will reference Fiona’s fingerpainting.



  1. philomena lowery says:

    Can I use chalk paint on my kitchen counters which are natural wood?

  2. Well she needs more credit for her advertising skills!! Off topic question if you have time..
    Can I use the AS wax over spray paint? I have a piece I want to wizz through and will use a vintage white but thinking could I use the dark wax too?
    Just thinking…thank you!

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