…cat on a shabby, cool bench

with vintage bingo game.



  1. Hey, I am with the cat……LOVE it! vey nice, thanks for sharing.

  2. hey beautiful lady, I watched your tutorials for the first time today, they were AWESOME!
    you are wonderful to watch, easy to understand and you make it look so simple and fun. thank you for all the work you put into each of them.
    i did have a question about the dark wax, can i dark wax over clear 2-3 days after i do the clear wax. basically is there a time limit to when you have to put the dark wax over the clear.
    my friend and i have painted our first piece in annie sloan and we are about to wax, found your video just in time ;0).

  3. Hi there?m I watched some of your tutorials and am very excited to use the chalk paint! I ave a few questions though! Is it hard to use it on chairs? I want to I my kitchen chairs( they are all different and are currently crackle painted) in like a cream color but didn’t know how hard it would be and also how much paint it would take?….also what do you think the paint would look like on a bathroom medicine cabinet that has a mirror in it? I am currently looking for a vintage dresser to make the vanity out of and we have lake trim and I don’t like it so I wanted to paint the dresser a color once I can’t stain it dark like I want..so was curious at you thout! Thanks so much!

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