…road to lucketts: how to shop vintage

I realize that shopping at a flea market or antique shop can be overwelming. Yes, items may look cool & interesting on a chippy table with Blue Grass playing in the background, but how do I translate that look to my family room?




I get it. Again, it takes a sense of adventure to try putting something old, worn & with tons of character into your space that may have brand, spanking-new casegoods. But, that is the fun part. Don’t go overboard by buying 10 rusted rakes and try to hang them in your kitchen. Rather, start small – a vintage clock for your mantel, an old chair for your computer desk, planters are always a good idea for your deck or interior, even on your kitchen table. Think about old suitcases stacked in a corner, burlap pillows for your mudroom, old books for your coffee table. These are examples of how you can place accents of interest into you home.

Image 11



If you want to get the best pickings, you will want to be there Saturday morning EARLY. Last year there was a line a mile long and once they opened the metal gates people literally ran in! haha! The pace stayed rather busy the entire day. If you want a crowd that is a little less intense come Sunday. It’s a bit more of a relaxed experience.

Here’s a few of the items that I bought last year:


Architectural elements always a good idea. These make great bookends for my bedroom. Be aware that they are not cheap even though they look like they may be. These were about $60 each.


Old maps for wall decor. You can always use more wall decor so keep an eye out for anything cool.


Old rocking horse for interest. Look for pieces for your console tables, foyer tables, coffee tables – all the surfaces in your home.


An upholstered computer chair. I sold out of all my chairs last year. Who doesn’t need an extra few? If you find a cool one or several for a kitchen – get them! They will be very inexpensive compared to stores….and much cooler!


And an urn that I share with Ollie. Urns are great for indoors or out. You can change out the filler based on holidays or seasons of the year. Always a good idea.

Luckett Spring Market May 18,19 10-5

See you there!



…helen norman photography

Helen was the amazing photographer that did The Cottage Style Magazine photoshoot for Blue Egg Brown Nest Interiors. She had just come off a shoot for Forbes and after our shoot was doing Southern Living. She’s so fantastic and we hit it off right away! We are even in talks about having a barn sale at her real, live organic farm with red wood barn!

To sing her praises even more, she is generously letting me use the photos that she took at Blue Egg! Wow! A few of the shots were not included in the article so I’m excited to show you all of them in full. Also a HUGE thank you to Charlotte for her amazing styling & article!

Image 16

Image 18

Image 4

Image 2

Image 13

Image 10

Image 9

Image 17

Image 20

Image 14

Image 11

Image 12

Image 1

I kinda can’t believe I get to live here. Thanks again, Helen!


…I’m not making this stuff up!

Vintage love is all around us. Just check out the new Pottery Barn catalog. It cracks me up that they are selling vintage olive crates now. Of course they are $169 or some insane price.

PB uses a French laundry basket in the bathroom for towels. Right now, mine is in my kitchen with board games, namely Operation that Santa gave us!

Framed sheet music. Don’t pay for it. I tore out pieces of my Chopin selections, framed with cheap Michael’s frames, painted them and hung them in my dining room.

Chippy painted furniture. It may look like you will not be able to work it into your own decor, but give it a try. Maybe don’t go with this lime green until you’ve warmed up to the shabby look, but certainly a distressed white or neutral.

Vintage trunks add interest and fit nicely in many places. Under a console, leaned on a wall, under a chair in the living room.

I must admit that I wish they had not started offering my exact lanterns! For those that have asked after them, here you go!

The moral of my story is that even Pottery Barn is trying to get away from the Pottery Barn look! Explore & experiment with vintage objects in your home to add style and interest. Don’t go crazy and bring in anything too large all at once. Start small and work it in. You get to define your own space and I’d like to encourage you to start treasuring hunting for your pieces.

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