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What is she talking about? A picnic table? These are the questions I’m imagining you asking me as you read the title. Well, once upon a time I was out shopping at a flea and happened upon a super cool picnic table & bench set! I didn’t think too hard about it before scooping it up.


A bit different than your Restoration Hardware outdoor furntiture? Yes, but that’s what a trend is. Something different that becomes popular. Like clothes, my rule of thumb is don’t spend a ton on a trendy item, but do let yourself experiement & have fun within budget. We heart our picnic table. IMG_0866

Apparently, the people at William Sonoma Home agree. I opened my catalog literally a few weeks ago to this: Is that my exact table with a bit more stain on it? Yes it is! Even down to the vintage green metal. (They are also highlighting a chicken coop in their catalogue this month that I’m totally pressure DH into letting me buy.)


Lucketts thinks they are pretty great too. These were set up at the Market for guests to sit on. And yes, they make those worker-boys wear pink!

IMG_1165There’s something so American about a picnic table. This one even collapses and folds up on itself. Don’t pass one by if you see one in your travels! Much more interesting than wicker 🙂



  1. Amber K says:

    The picnic table is great. I believe it’s the nostalgia that brings a smile to our faces and a comfort to our homes. That’s so funny that you mentioned a chicken coop. I opened my Arhaus catolog and they were offering one too! That would be perfect for you!

  2. Hi!

    We live on 1 and 1/4 acres in the heart of Orange County CA. We are blessed! We built our own coop because prefabs are so expensive! You can buy plans and do everything yourself from recycled material. We have 9 hens and a rooster, which was supposed to be a hen, but sexing chicks can be a little difficult!! It is a very nice coop!

    Love picnic tables, too!


  3. kevin jeffer says:

    Hi Kristen — the super-fun thing is that these are actually German beer-hall tables, like from Octoberfest!

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