…favorite things friday: freshstyle magazine tutorial online now

It’s kinda funny to see one of my tutorials on another site. freshstyle magazine has put up a video of a demo that I did while they were shooting for the spread on Blue Egg Brown Nest. AND THEY ADDED MUSIC! So fun!

Chalk Paint Refinishing with Blue Egg Brown Nest

You will also see I’ve added step by step instructions.




…annie sloan clear wax with lint-free rag tutorial

I get  requests all the time to do more tutorials. A few months ago I asked you all what you would like to see. I received many great ideas! The problem is getting my kids out of the house long enough to tape something 🙂 I do get loads of questions about clear waxing with a lint-free rag since this is now my process and many people asked me to demo this. So I did.

You can check it out here on YouTube

Basically, instead of using a round, wax brush I now use a lint-free cloth. The process is much smoother and goes faster than with the brush. Apply in a horizontal motion and cover any bare spots along the way. You will be happy with the result using this method.

Problems viewing the video? Let me know. Thanks! Next Tutorial will be on applying gold leaf to your piece. Stay tuned.




…ABL Tile & Bathroom Centre

I have made some new friends in Sydney! ABL Tile & Bathroom Centre offers some really interesting & helpful items for kitchens & bathrooms.

Right now I am working with a few clients renovating their spaces. I also have two new houses going up around me, one to my immediate left and one across the street. My area is constantly changing so talking tile and sinks is common place.

Check out some of the cool things ABL offers:


I’m partial to the free-standing baths. And next to an ocean helps too 🙂


Who doesn’t love a claw-foot tub? Here’s how it can look in a space. Timeless.


An over the counter sink is so stylish too.



They also have some items that DH is drooling over like waterproof flatscreens and underfloor heating!

Check out ABL here. When you do make a purchase let me know! I’d love to hear about it and see some pix. 

Disclaimer: ABL is a welcomed, paid sponsor here on Blue Egg Brown Nest.