…chalk paint refresher series: color

It seems like it’s about time for a refresher coarse in refinishing your pieces. I will be giving you tips that I’ve discovered and have found helpful in my own work. Kind of like parenting, I think it’s always better to lead by example. There are many Chalk Painters & furniture refinishers out there and I’d like to think we all have our own, little style. This is what I know to be true the Blue Egg Brown Nest way.



No matter what  type or brand of paint you are using to refinish your furniture, your first decision will be to decide what color to use. As you know, I have specific likes & dislikes when it comes to color. I have also worked with hundreds of people just like you and I know that there are some common decisions that we have to make when picking a color to put in our spaces.

Make it timeless.

When doing marketing for the design industry, a main concern for most projects was how to make the design timeless. If you do something bold and wild in ten years it will look dated. Design like Frank Gehry will never go out of style, but let’s be honest, we are not Frank Gehry. Ah, let’s just take a moment to marvel….


So, pick a color that will not go out of date for you and the many phases of your likes & dislikes. I tend to stick to the neutral, Frenchy & cottage colors because these are the colors that you will not grow sick of. If you are going to transform a beloved dresser from your Grandfather or an antique mirror that you’ve found, invest the time & money into painting it then please pick a color that you can live with for a long, long time.


Make it versatile.

I love changing around my house. It’s seriously an addiction for me. My painted pieces have moved from the foyer to the dining room to the study to the kitchen. The possibilities are endless when you choose are versatile color. The dressers in my daughter’s rooms are Country Grey and when they grow up they will fit into a guest room look. The desk in my study is black and could easily work as a dining table or foyer table. Don’t limit yourself by picking a color that you will only be able to use one way.


Make it cost effective.

Refinishing materials are pricey and learning to follow the steps from start to finish is time consuming. If you pick a hot pink color and tire of it, you will need to re-do it and that means spending more time & money. Save yourself.

Exception to the rule.

There are exceptions to every rule and even I can kick up my heels and go crazy over a bright Provence dresser or secretary. If you feel comfortable in the interior design of your space and know that you want that extra-ordinary pop of color then do it. I would consider doing this on really special pieces that will stand out – like an old secretary or an old chair or something that is rather special.



This is a week long series so stay tuned tomorrow for more.


  1. I love creams, greys and whites, but I am such a sucker for ASCP Antibes green!! Nice to have reminders to keep it neutral.

  2. I painted my bedroom walls a very pretty and relaxing grey, but then I livened it up by painting my nightstands and dresser with Emperor’s Silk. I cannot believe I did that, but now that it is finished, I love it. I did tone it down with a lot of dark wax, though! My husband does not particularly like the distressed look, so I backed off on that for him. Otherwise, I get free reign. BTW, the bedspread is a gorgeous grey as well.

  3. Cathy Jackman says:

    I love all the neutrals in your house. Do you have any pointers or suggestions for those of us who are happy with our stained wood furniture, but would like to mix in ASCP neutrals? For instance, although my dining room table and Welsh hutch are beautifully stained, I would like to add an ASCP buffet or console to the room.

    Thank you!

  4. You are so right about the neutrals. When painting furniture or mirrors I get tired of doing the same thing. I have even backed off doing a piece because I am waiting for that Ahh Haa moment of color! But I end up going back to the basics.
    POP of COLOR pieces are great espically if they are pieces that can be moved from room to room as the mood changes. But neutrals are timeless…

  5. I as just debating this very question last night! Thanks for the post… I’ll be sure to follow along!

  6. hello! this week long series is jus too awesome! thank you so much for taking the time to review. Looking forward to whats next.


  7. I have just been given an old vanity that belonged to my husband’s grandmother, it has veneer on top that needs a little fixing but a lot of dings and bangs on the sides, i believe it is maple, darker on the body (reddish stain) and the tops are a lighter maple veneer. I have a new can of Louis blue, can’t decide on using this or going with the duck egg blue. Have you ever done a vanity body in a color then left the veneer tops to poly or wax, they are nice wood on the tops. Stumped..

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