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Many of you have been attending Chartreuse & Co‘s barn sales for a while now, but I was a bit late to the party. I met some of the wonderful women that sell at the Virginia’s barn when they were my neighbors at the Luckett’s Spring Market. In fact, BB Home is where I spent some of my earnings on old suitcases & a great map!

I became fast friends with Sue, from the Treasured Hunt, after hearing her chirping next door and cracking all of us up. She, in all her sweet kindness, recommended Blue Egg Brown Nest to Virginia who was opening up some space on her property. There was a super, long list to get in, but she invited me.

I desperately wanted to say yes to the opportunity. But, after thinking & talking to my DH I felt I needed to hold off while the kids were still tiny & Greta starting kindergarten this year. I also didn’t know how to navigate all the traffic I was getting here and splitting the time to get out to Buckystown. God has his timing and sadly, this was not mine.

But, the story has a very happy ending, I met a new friend, Virginia, and I shopped at her sale this weekend. I was first in line, B-lined up to Linda from The Cottage‘s shop and snagged the library catalog I drooled over on my last visit.

Took Fiona in her tutu a good 45 minutes to clean out each drawer.

It was not my time for a seller’s space at Chartreuse YET, but it was time for a new piece for my living room since the Bombay is on its way to Brooklyn. More on that neat story later.






  1. Auntie Allyn says:

    Drool indeed! The cabinet is fabulous, lucky you!

  2. I just LOVE that cabinet!!!

  3. What a beautiful addition to your home! And what an honor to be asked to join Chartreuse and Co. They are my FAVORITE barn sale. They just do it right. But snaps to you for making good choices. Especially for the good of your family.

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