…christine’s amoire

Christine is a women after my own heart. She found a beautiful pine amoire, picked it up and brought it straight to me to refinish. I love a woman that knows what she wants!

Here’s what it looked like when she dropped it off one stormy evening.

I have to say, I think Paris Grey looks fantastic on pine.

What a great find, Christine. See you soon!

PS – Just found another pine piece this week – a bookcase!






  1. This piece turned out fabulous…it helps when a piece has beautiful lines it makes it that much more fun creating.

    Thank you for sharing and inspiring a salvage piece.

  2. Christine says:

    Christen – right back at you! I just wish I could do the magic you do and wish you could see this piece in my home – we LOVE it!

    Which leaves two questions…what are you doing with the book case? And did you sell the round coffee table with the white base? If not tag it and I’ll get it Sunday :-). In the spirit of continuing to make fast decisions.


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