…clear wax review

Hey! There were many questions this week about clear wax. I thought I would share with you what has worked for me and a little overview in the hopes that this will help you and your projects.

Clear wax is white-ish and feels like candle wax. This is clear wax by Annie Sloan:



You can apply clear wax with a round wax brush found through your stockist that looks like this:


I have found these to be a little stiff and prefer a clean, lint free rag. I use this:


The purpose of clear wax is to give a protective coating to your painted piece. You can use clear wax on top of most furniture paints.

You want to coat your piece thoroughly with your clear wax, but you do not want excess wax. Get a glob on your rag like this:


Push/buff the wax into your piece like this:



Make sure you cover all areas. You will know that you have not if you see lighter patches in your pieces. If you leave them the piece could look unfinished. Clear was will deepen the color of your paint and chance the texture from chalky to slightly smooth. Like this:


Feel how smooth it is? Just kidding.

You can also check out my YouTube Tutorial here.


Got questions? Email me.




  1. Laura Siuda says:

    My favorite part of transforming furniture is the waxing component! I love how the paint color and the sheen of the piece come out after waxing and polishing, revealing its personality so to speak. Thank you for the inspiration Christen!

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