…Closed for Christmas

Hi Friends.

I have decided to take some time to find peace & silence for the holidays. I’m having a really hard time processing the tragedy of all those lives lost at Sandy Hook and I just can’t seem to think of business as usual or anything as usual at this time. My body & my head are so shaken up as I’m sure yours are too. Today my six year old colored me a picture of a Christmas present at school, sat across from me at dinner and told me “This is the best soup I’ve ever had”, and read me a book for bedtime sounding out all the words. I rubbed her back as she fell asleep in her pink room as Ollie the orange cat snored next to us.

I’m going to close up shop until after Christmas. I’ll be posting a bit here and there Facebook if you follow my page.

I hope we can all feel peace and love with our families. You will be hearing from me after the holiday.

Wishing you all peace.


  1. I know just what you mean. I can’t seem to shake the sorrow I feel for the families of Newtown, CT. I look at my children and tears of love almost well up in my eyes. It’s time to stop the business and just sit down and take in all our blessings. Merry Christmas.

  2. Have a Blessed Christmas with your family!

  3. Enjoy the holidays with your family and rest assured that we will all look forward to your updates in 2013. You are doing the right thing to focus on family and those precious moments each day. Wishing you peace and happiness! Michele

  4. I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas! 🙂

  5. I am so glad you are taking time to feel how you feel. I think that sometimes we expect ourselves to just shove it all down. But when something rocks you hard, I think it’s best to just give yourself time to let the emotions play out and cry as much as you need to. There is hope for this world, I just think it may take time to see it. So good for you for taking that time. I can’t think of a better season to look for it, as there is always hope at Christmas. May you find what you seek.

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