…coffee anyone?

I posted on the progress of a coffee table I was working on a few weeks ago and received much interest. I have to do first come first serve in these matters. I’ve learned this from experience that holding a piece just doesn’t work. The piece sold the day I posted the first picture.

Here’s the progress picture:


Here are the after images:






Of course Owen had to get in a shot.


Large Mirror in background will be listed soon.

The color is ASCP Country Grey.



  1. Absolutely gorgeous!!!! And, the kitty is seriously photogenic! Perfect everything.

  2. Pam Dedmon says:

    The table is beautiful and beautifully displayed with all your lovely accessories. Thank you for supplying the chalk paint color…very helpful

  3. Beautiful! I have a coffee table waiting for some attention. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. im so happy your piece sold quickly! It’s a beauty. I have a couple questions. I’m sure you I’m sure you have answered this before, but here it goes. If a piece doesn’t sell within a certain time frame (what is that time frame. I guess this is three questions coming) what do you do to/with the piece? Repaint it, distress it a little more, lower the price….??? Second question. Even when I paint a small piece my wrist and hand start to get sore. Is there a certain technique to holding a paint brush to keep this from happening? Thank you so much for always taking the time to share your talent 🙂


  5. Tricia Sellers says:

    Hi Christen,

    The coffee table I gave you looks beautiful!!!! What a beautiful color you picked for it! It gave me many years of enjoyment and I hope the future owner enjoys it as much as I did. You gave it the new life and elegance it needed!!!! That is why I wanted you to get your hands on it! Your blog, style, and pics always make me smile. Glad I could give back a little.

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