…company flowers

is a super cute little florist near my yoga studio. I am drawn into the shop every time I walk back from the studio after a very zen hour and a half with Annie. I’ve taken yoga there on and off for about 8 years and am in love with it. I would do yoga all day if I could. I’m not lying when my kids sink into down dog when they are tired. I digress. Company Flowers is a little storefront covered in lush green ivy and treasures in the window. Looks like England in my mind.

I’ve purchased planters, decorative balls, nests, topiaries, children’s gifts and of course flowers from the shop. Here is my latest purchase:


I’ve directed 3 separate people to the shop because of the compliments I’ve received on these hand-made trees. Sorry if they are all cleaned out by now!

Also bought these sweet colored nests. Just waiting for the birds to come knocking on my window to ask if they can snuggle into one. I’d gladly say yes.

My dear husband knows how much I love this shop and so on random occasions will send me flowers just to tell me “I amaze him”. What a heartthrob he is!

Unlike Madonna, I do like hydrangeas.

The point of all my rambling is that they are also a gift shop. When I was purchasing the little trees I noticed for the first time the pieces of furniture they had in there are were selling. A little roll top desk, coffee table, end table. My plan is to go in there this week with a few of my kids in tow and my business card. If you happen to go in for trees, or call to send your lovie flowers, mention “blue egg brown nest”!



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