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As silly as it sounds each piece of furniture that comes through my hands has a personality of it’s own. The shape, the color, the wood and the people who own it or have inherited. Lily brought me a very special armoire that was passed down to her. It belonged to her beloved father that was of Cuban decent. She told me that used to be able to smell the cologue that he worn on the interior of the armoire. I thought about this the entire time that I painted it.



French Linen is always a classy choice. This piece will be able to move from a bedroom to a living room. Remember, you don’t want to paint all the crevices and corners. Leave the wood showing for an aged look




The good news? When Lily got it home she was still able to smell her father’s cologne on the interior.

I think the history of a piece is as important as the look of a piece. I always feel honored to refinish furniture that has a story and is precious to an individual like Lily. Thanks for trusting me, Friends.



  1. Eloise Abbott says:

    Hiya, just want to say I love your work and enjoy your tutorials on youtube.
    I was just wondering do you always paint the inside of your furniture?
    I also do the same as you (I’m from the uk and have my own fcbk page furniture facelifts )
    I don’t usually paint the inside of my things, am I doing it wrong?
    Love this beautiful armoire and the French linen is gorgeous.
    I havnt used that colour yet, I get a lot of requests for the Paris grey.

    Love from Eloise in the uk xxxx

  2. I love your work, always so classy, elegant, and timeless. You inspired me to start a business venture of my own, and so far, pretty successful and really I want to thank you for showing me and giving me the courage to do so! And every piece absolutely has history and a story of it’s own. So neat to think about. Thank you Kristen for all the inspiration!

  3. I did not mean to spell your name wrong! So sorry!

  4. I love getting a piece of furniture that has a story behind it.
    The first piece of furniture I got when I started painting furniture was a 3 drawer bow front dresser. It came from a small little Cape Cod town. The daughter who was at least 50 young years of age told me it was her mothers. Her mother had 5 children was left alone to raise the children. She had no money and had to move. She moved into this small rental with her 5 children. The landlord had left some furniture there. Her mother loved the piece so much but couldn’t afford it. The landlord then told her she could pay him 15.00 a month until it was paid of. Now think bout that 15 buck to us in this day is a run to Starbucks. 15.00 to a women 40 years ago who was broke and had 5 mouths to feed. Now that’s a women who loved the dresser!
    I thoroughly enjoyed painting it and giving it new life….

  5. Thank you for sharing “Cuban Love.” This story is a great example of why I love vintage/antiques, whether it is jewelry, furniture, clothing – they all have a past history.


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