…dark wax OPTIONAL

Did you know that using dark wax is optional?


I get so many questions about how to apply dark wax. Many of us end up with a muddy mess if not applied correctly. I played with it for years. Here are some earlier pieces when I used it for great, surface coverage. It lends itself to a very aged look when used this way.



When I started doing refinishing work, I tempered my use and used it very minimally for edging and detail work. Clients tend to shy away from anything too distressed.


I now only use it when requested by clients for their pieces. I do use it for my own pieces that I buy & sell, however. I think it’s a great resource when used correctly.


Not sure how to apply Annie Sloan Dark Wax? Check out the video I have on YouTube.

Got idea for more Blue Egg Brown Nest Tutorials? Let me know and I’ll try to make it!


  1. Kim Bartlett says:

    painting and waxing kitchen cabinets with Annie Sloan chalk paint clear and dark wax. and how to get dark wax in the seam/groove of cabinets without making a complete mess?

  2. Jennifer says:

    Love your work. I am confused I see some people that use chalk paint and either seal it with wax or poly. Which is Preferred? And what’s your experience with lint cloth to remove waxes.


  3. Hi just wondered I’ve always thin down dark wax with white spirit ,have you tried it?

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