…dc to mass or bust!

I now have a shop on Etsy and although I have not had a chance to really spruce it up yet, I have had a few bites on pieces. Of course the problem with selling furniture becomes shipping. I have on each item written a line in the description that reads “Furniture is pick up only.”

I was contact by a women in Massachusetts that said she was interested in the china cabinet. Remember this one?

It has been biding it’s time, keeping my collectables nice and toasty just waiting for a permanent home.

I told her that I would do my research on freight shipping, which actually means passing the job onto my dear husband (DH). He got 4 quotes for me ranging from $300 – $900. That last one was FedEx Freight.

It took a few days to receive the quotes and in the meantime she contacted me a few more times to say that she was very, very interested. This morning I told her the lowest I could ship for is $300. FYI – the piece is listed as $550.

I guess now it’s just waiting to see if she still wants it. I did ask her if she was planning any trips down to DC!

She has the door open waiting for you, Kerri!

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