…dear don

don’t you think 34 is too young? Yes, I listen to Taylor Swift sometimes while painting and had to make a silly pun to segue into Don Taylor. I guess you could say that he is my first employee. Okay, maybe you can’t really say that, but I do pay him to pick up furniture and drop it off at my house.

I guarantee that he doesn’t read my blog so I feel safe saying that he’s a mite rough around the edges. Theresa from Stifel & Capra recommended him to me and he’s actually been a Godsend. I hired him when this happened, as you might recall.

My DH was out of commission after playing some football with his brothers. That’s when Donald & his dog Sammy came into the picture. Here’s a piece from the latest drop:

It’s a low, long buffet and although it looks questionable right now, I love know the detail is going to look amazing. Kind of reminds me of this smaller console

There’s a sweet detail on the front that make the piece look so much more special. Now, you must be saying to yourself, I recognize that wood horse & lanterns from on top of the china cabinet. The latest news is that I have sold it and it’s being shipped to MA this week!

More on that later.

Thanks, Don for your willingness to drive all over NOVA to do some picking & delivering for blue egg brown nest. It’s much appreciated.









  1. Don IS the bomb! Remind me to tell you how he saved MY dear husband from a Craig’s List crisis when the “prize” wouldn’t fit in our vehicle. The pup is the best too…

  2. Elizabeth ortlieb says:

    I have a cane backed tub chair that I would love you to chalk paint for me, how much (ball park) do you think it would cost I purchased it as a young wife and mother when my husband was stationed in Pearl Harbor HI. That was probably circa 1962. I look forward to your reply and by the way enjoyed the article in The Washington Post today continued good luck in your new career!

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