…Dear Loveseat

Are you right for me or have I lost my mind a little bit? I bought this vintage loveseat from a mom on MONA who inherited it from her mother. She posted it on our listserv and I made a snap decision. What do you think?

I got it home and thought, yes, I think I can make it look pretty cool by distressing and painting the wood. The upholstery is a different story. I called Looney & Sons in Falls Church to see what they would charge to reupholster this piece. I was thinking an unbleached muslin/cotton fabric. They quoted me $500 for just the labor. eeek! So, I said to myself, “Self, you can upholster it.” I have never upholstered anything, but have been studying up. I think I can get the fabric off, but I must admit that measuring is not my strongest suit, as my husband would attest.

Think I can do it? Think it’s worth it?

To be continued…..


  1. Meg Parker says:

    Ooooo. Looks challenging! But if anyone can do it, it’s you! I’m calling Looney and Sons today for a quote to get my great grand mother’s wing back chair reupholstered!

  2. I am researching the same thing! I need an arm chair for my living room but everything I find needs to be upholhesterd. It looks pretty tough!

  3. I’ve been trying to get up the nerve to reupholster a chair seat!

  4. the love seat is stunning. tim gunn would suggest that you make it work! good luck blue egg brown nest.

  5. Jessica Bonanno says:

    I was JUST thinking of reupholstering because my late grandmother used to do it. In fact, she came to visit once, when I kid, and spent a few hours every day (or so it seemed) working on this one antique chair. And she was espousing the benefits of knowing how to do things for yourself. She had just taken a class on reupholstering furniture and was going around to her various daughters’ homes and her own own, and putting it to good use. Two decades later, that antique blue chair (which she also stuffed, and re-stained the wood on, as well as recovered) is still going really strong in my parents gently-used living room. So I say: take a course, if you’ve got time. Learn. You will ALWAYS be able to use that skill and your kids and grandkids will STILL be talking about it!

    P.S. Hi Christen!

  6. HI! Did you finish the project!? I have a love seat just like this and it needs refinishing badly and it is so expensive to have it done. I want to do it my self too! Let me know if you were successful!

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