I think sometimes it’s really important to recognize all my beloved readers and how much you give back to me. Your support and love and kindness and so important to me.

I heard from a faithful reader, Jill, last week that got to meet Annie Sloan in person recently! And you know what she did? She emailed me to tell me about it. I love that. Makes me feel connected to Jill even if I never get to meet her. Thanks, Girl 🙂

Jill also told me about her beloved service dog, Spirit, that went to Doggie Heaven recently. I just wanted to recognize him and dedicate this post to dear Spirit and all the animals that fill the dark and lonely spaces in our lives like no person can.

In loving memory of Spirit.





  1. Thank you for a wonderful post. I’ll probably never get to meet Annie Sloan, but that’s ok – I have your tutorials and that’s close enough! I started reading your blog just a couple months ago and have done about 8-10 pieces of furniture! It’s a great stress relief for me as my job is pretty stressful at times. As far as Spirit, it brought a tear in my eye as on Feb 19th of this year I lost my Yorkie, Conagher to diabetes. He was 14 years old and my 4-legged “little man”. Such unconditional love. Thanks again for a super blog.

  2. I love your posts.. now I’m addicted to chalk painting and am even making a little bit of money at it :). I have to mention my little pup, Dolly, who is in her 18th year ! She is my constant companion.. i will miss her always under foot when her time comes .

  3. Oh sweet Christen, you honour my best girl, Spirit, and me. Your heart is pure gold. Thank you for this. Spirit’s life reached many, many people – she even has her own facebook page (Blessed by the Golden Spirit) -but this touches me in a way I cannot express in words…. <3 <3 <3 Thank you!!!!

  4. Just beautiful. Bless you Spirit.

  5. What a special post. What a treat for Jill, to meet Annie Sloan, and wanting to share it with you, and for her to also share on a more personal level the loss of her friend/ family member. Christen, it is evident to see and say you have touched her life in a very special way and so many of our hearts as well. To lose a pet is like losing a family member. They sure find their place to set up residence in our hearts don’t they?! Thank you for all you share with us.


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