…Demo Day

My new friend, Jura, from the Washington Post came over for a chalk painting demonstration. Kids downstairs with a babysitter (thanks, Emily!) and Barefoot Contessa sticky buns straight from the oven. Now I just need to keep paint off my skinny jeans.

I put out 4 pieces in all the different stages of refinishing.

My picker-friend that I’ve been working with found 10 of these great basket chairs for me. Here’s the original.

I see alot of potential – you? Here is one with the first coat on.

Ooo, baby. Look at those arms & legs. Here is the second layer. I’ll need one more after this to really cover the piece to my liking.

Onto sanding & waxing.

And like a special ingredient left out of the recipe to only be revealed to family members, I will leave that process a bit of a mystery. But, really, it all comes down to taste and how shabby you want the piece to look.

Now, what to do the extra sticky buns?

10 days until Washington Post article on Blue Egg Brown Nest!






  1. Lisa Barnett says:

    Congratulations to Fiona’s mom! I don’t know what we’ll do with a celebrity in our class! Lisa B.

  2. Nice transformation on the chairs!

  3. hi!
    Just read your chat on Washington Post: congratulations.
    So just looking through your blog now. I’m sure you no longer have sticky buns, but for the next time, if you have leftovers, turn them into a sticky bun bread pudding!!!


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