…dining hall

That’s what it feels like in my home at the moment. As if I’m planning for a dinner party, which is kinda fun.

I have 2 dining tables that I’ve finished & are for sale. One is a bit square on top with the coolest legs. I call it the Sharon Dining Table. (I’ve decided to name all my furniture with real names to distinguish them. If JCrew can do it with peacoats, I can do it with tables. Yea?)

The Sharon Dining Table

There is an extending leaf that rolls up from the middle of the table, about 15″.

Dimensions of the Sharon Dining Table: 50x38x30…$450

And introducing the Kirsten Dining Table:

I also have 2 chairs with arms.

There is also a leaf to extend this table, about 15″.

Dimensions of the Kirsten Table: 59x42x30…$450

And lastly, the Brent chairs. I have 9 of these (did have 10, but there is a small beak in the cane in one of them). I call them Brent chairs, but he has helped me upholster all 9 chairs!

I now know why chairs are so expensive at retail stores. They are so tricky & so time consuming! I feel like I worked on these for FOREVER!

They are upholstered in a natural muslin.

High, cane back chairs.

The Brent Chair Dimensions: 44″ H x20″D $100 each

If you are interested in having any of these pieces in your dining room or kitchen, check out my shop section on my site and email me! www.blueeggbrownnest.com









  1. Christen, I love your blog and your work is amazing. I am sure you have already heard, but just in case you hadn’t, Annie Sloan is going to be out in Leesburg on March 31st. There is more information on this website.


  2. good thing you have a big house! :o)

  3. Love your paint jobs! Lots of work! What color did you use on the tables and chairs??
    Thanks for sharing

  4. I need these chairs!!! Where did you find them?? So pretty

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