…DIY Materials: razor blade


I heart a sharp blade. Maybe that’s where my son’s love of anything fierce comes from. In all seriousness, I use a razor blade almost every single day for many reasons.

You want to get a razor blade that has some type of handle. Don’t use just the blade for obviously reasons. Here are a few things that I use my blade on:

1. Scraping mirrors and windows. I do not tape mirrors or glass. I prefer to scrape afterwards.

2. Scrape off dried paint clumps or drips.


3. Cleaning a very dirty piece of vintage furniture that has sticky, gooey stuff that you are not quite sure what it is. Scrape it off.

4. An X-Acto blade is also really helpful for cutting images clean and straight. Got something you want to frame? Don’t use your scissors or tear, use a blade.


Make sure you have a new, sharp blade. There is NOTHING worse than trying to work with a dull blade.


I hate that some blades come in neon orange because to me that just screams my son’s name. Speaking of which, I hope you don’t mind me wishing Reid a very happy 5th year. This is what joy looks like to me.



  1. I have a son named Reid too! He will be 20 one month from today! Happy Birthday to both your Reid and mine!

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