…DIY Materials Series: the rest of the list


Is it already Friday?! Stuff moves quickly when there’s no snow on the ground! Here’s a list of some other important DIY materials that I use almost ever day:

1. Paint – refinishing paint, Chalk Paint, spray paint, latex paint, stain

2. A finishing wax or poly

3. A tape measure

4. Painter’s tape

5. Drop cloths

6. Sand paper & a sanding block

7. Screw driver/screws

8. An electric sander is helpful

9. Work clothes

10. A good camera to document your work.

But, what I want to spend my last day in the series on is YOU. Because being creative it not about having the most expensive materials, all the materials or even knowing all there is to know about your craft, it is being open to the process. How do I open myself up and get excited?

On an ideal painting day, you will see me in spattered paint clothes under a big, warm sun with a steamy cup of tea in a beautiful tea cup and fun music playing. Actually, the music part is debatable because I love listening to Car Talk and Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me on NPR on a Sunday afternoon.

I think it’s important to stay in tune with how you are FEELING when being creative. Treat yourself well. Don’t steamroll yourself. Got a headache? Then lay down for a bit. Need groceries? Get it done first. Your time being creative should be enjoyable. That is my goal after many years of doing it the other way. Let me tell you, pushing yourself past your limits is what burns creative people out. Put yourself on the top of that list. You will reap greater rewards.



  1. Ann Chute-Jacobs says:

    I also love Car Talk and Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me.

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