…do it. then write it.


I wanted to be Thoreau when I grew up. I thought living in the woods, off the land writing about life and nature and humans sounded like a really satisfying life; a life that I could be good at. What I wasn’t so fond of was the idea that in order to life a whole-hearted and peace-centered life I needed to have experience behind me. Boo.

Experience would take courage and stepping out and that was not something I was interested in doing. Ever. I wanted to hide and write and drink tea with a cat on my lap. Why couldn’t I just do this?! Please? Pretty please. I think I knew deep down that I needed experience before processing and writing. I needed to do it before writing it.

Life has a way of forcing one into experience on it’s own. I really did not need to go and seek it. I just needed to participate. Along came college and friends and work and a man and a home and children and Blue Egg Brown Nest. That was a lot of living. I almost didn’t realize how much living I had done because I was so busy doing it. I didn’t realize until the writing came quickly and easily. I had things to write about! I had a lot to say. I wanted to talk about all of it.

I look at living a bit differently now. It is happening all around me, in spite of me. I don’t feel as scared about it all as I was when I was tiny, small and young. I feel bigger and braver and am willing to participate.

Sometimes I think I am still waiting to move to the woods to become whole and purposeful. Maybe some day I will; we will. And if this happens I will have so much to reflect on. And if this does not happen, I will write here, sitting near the bubble of the coffee maker and the little boy with freckles tapping me on the shoulder saying mom.



  1. Hi Christen,
    I love your dining tables. Where can I purchase one ? Thank you !

  2. I love your little spot…”your nest”…I love it because it’s not perfect and neat. To be creative you have to have clutter..notes..pictures all to inspire you. You can write..think..be creative..even with sweet taps o our shoulder.
    I just had a wonderful thought. You need an adult tree house!! How wonderful would that be. What a beautiful place to write!
    Merry Christmas Christen!

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