…do you believe in signs?

I do.

Nestled in our new lavender-colored Crape Myrtle in the front of our yard is the sweet little bird’s nest. The girls discovered it when they saw a bird flying to and from the branches with little twigs in its mouth. What talent a bird has! No one teaches him, but he just knows how to create a safe, warm place to protect his family. God’s design is always perfect.

I can’t help but love this little nest and think it for me. I try to house as many glass, iron, ceramic, plastic birds in my home, but nothing is like seeing nature live out my window. The part that makes me cry is that the eggs all warm & cozy inside the brown cove are blue.


  1. This is so bursting with charm…

  2. that makes my heart soar blueeggbrownnest. thank you for sharing.

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