…fall decor series: the mantel

I think many time decorating the mantel can feel daunting. Many of us have photographs or candle sticks or trinkets on our mantel. This is actually the perfect space for seasonal decor.

Three Tips:

1. Clean Slate. My first tip would be clear everything off! Then dust. Once you have a clean slate you can then think about what you would like to put there.

2. Anchor. Select a large, flat item to lean agains the wall. This will anchor the mantel and give your eye something to gravitate towards. This could be a mirror, a chalk board, a framed piece of artwork, a wreath, etc.

3. Layer Littles. Place smaller items in different sizes and shapes around the anchor piece. This could be candles or pumpkins. Select only a few styles of smaller items. Don’t go nuts or it will look cluttered. Less is more.

Let’s check out some pretty inspiration via Pinterest. Please forgive my water mark these are from PINTEREST!

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  1. Lori Merrill says:

    Hello Christen, Sweet photo’s! I love mantel’s. Just last week I drove a long ways just to pick one up. Thank you for sharing….Lori

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