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I am always interested in women helping women. I think so often women get distracted by competitiveness. And what is worse is that it is a silent competition, but we all know it’s going on. Who is wearing what? How skinny is she now? Look at how messy her house is? Look at how clean her house is. Is her marriage stable? Are her kids thriving? Did she get another new handbag?

I love having the contrast of a little boy in the midst of my little girls. I could watch his mannerisms all the live, long day. As long as no one swipes his toy of the moment (typically a weapon of some kind) then he is content and happy in his world.


(I can appreciate that you tried to use your body as an art form, Reid, but I must insist that markers go on paper.)

I have a sneaking suspicion that the unease between women is more about us and what makes us feel better about…us. I don’t think we mean to be hurtful. I think we are just trying to make ourselves feel okay. Are we okay? Have we made it? Hmmmm. Are we okay just because we have been born? Do we really need to work so hard at it and try to gain approval? Can’t we just mind our own business and feel at peace? Is that even possible?

Equally as important as women helping women to me is writers helping writers. It is so hard to really make it as a writer. The problem is that a writer needs to write! NEEDS TO. A writer also NEEDS an audience to respond to that writing to keep the momentum going.

What is even more important to me that women helping women and writers helping writers? Mothers helping mothers. We are all in the trenches and if one of us can give a boost to another then it should be our pleasure to do so. Motherhood needs to be a community of women that encourages, loves and lifts each other up. We are trying to keep our children alive! We are trying to make these little people happy & successful! How can we do that if we don’t lean on each other?

My SILs emailed me about a dear, old friend & writer that has a new book out.

Motherhood Realized


I have not yet read it, but I’m always up for some mommy-encouragement. The book is a stones throw away from making the New York Times Best Sellers list. We can help with that, can’t we Blue Egg readers?







  1. i think his face paint looks very good- people have been doing that for thousands of years- he’s just following tradition!

  2. You my dear are a good writer! I was empowered by your words!
    Your sweet boy reminded me about my daughters that liked to do the same thing. One of my daughters in particular just would not stop. She is a mother to 3 girls now, grows her own vegetables, sews many of the kids cloths and all this time earned 2 degrees (both at once) in nuclear engineering and going for more. Like I said that kid never stops! Lol, thank you for the memories ; )

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

  3. I couldn’t agree more about women helping women in any form. We need to support each other in the world. It’s quite a beautiful thing!

  4. What I have an issue with is the SAHM’s vs. The Working Mom. I’ve been both. I’m SAHM now and it’s hard. But I can empathize with the workers who have to balance both. Being a mother is difficult, and sometimes unappreciated, no matter what. There is nothing I love more than to be out somewhere, notice a harried Mom in the middle of a toddler/child melt down, and give her a consoling smile, a slight nod to let her know we’ve all been there, and a thumbs up to let her know she’s doing ok.

  5. Christen, this post was more than adequate! It was beautiful, wise, honest, and an inspiring spin on the precise message of our book. That it’s time we have a conversation about how we can sustain and encourage each other in our individual paths and identities, rather than compare each other. Especially in our mothering. Every mother is different. Every mother works in a unique context of children and home. and because raising a family is the most important work of a lifetime, all of us need to be lifted where we are. Thank you for featuring Motherhood Realized, for helping moms become aware of its content, and for helping out a sister-writer. One more day for book sales to push us onto the NYT list. We’re hopeful. I look forward to reading more from you and following your journey. Love to the whole, big, beautiful Bensten fam! xxx

  6. ALL Moms,

    I googled this book and it does look wonderful! Another good one that I have read (several times when things were especially difficult) is: The Power of a Praying Parent (Power of Prayi… (Paperback) by Stormie Omartian

    Being a mom has been the most difficult, yet rewarding things I have ever done. My children are in high school and when they come up and hug me, tell me they love me, IN FRONT OF THIER FRIENDS, I feel that I have been given the best gift I could ever get. I have prayed for them their entire lives, and God has richly blessed me. Moms: you are wonderful and have been given the greatest gift of all!


    • one word for this kind of mom is -AWESOME!!!!! I had a praying mom when i was growing up and she taught me to be a praying mom – and yes she was an amazing mother to we 10 children, she treated us all equally with love and if she had a favorite child growing up we never knew it ..i think equality is a very important aspect in raising children:)

  7. THANK YOU, Christen! I can’t even tell you how much it means to have you helping us spread the word about this movement. You are doing BEAUTIFUL work here at Blue Egg Brown Nest. SO impressed. xoxo

  8. Marilyn in Mt. Vernon, VA says:

    I love little boys, and Reid is a very creative little boy! OMG — so adorable. Years ago, I’d painted a room a cranberry shade, exhausted (lazy), I’d left the paint brush soaking in water. The next morning I was greeted with my little boy paint brush in hand, who’d just painted my off-white LR wall pink. And he was so proud. He’s now 26. (Sniff.) Love you, Christen.

  9. Women helping women is an awesome concept, and very admirable. After all, we are to love our neighbor as ourselves and that means someone who is in need of help-not just the person next door to us…:)

  10. 1st Love the pic of Reid!!!
    2nd really enjoyed this post.

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