Favorite Things Friday – a Masaniello

If you know/met/talked with a Masaniello before you also know that jewelry is part of the fabric of our family. My dad is a jewelry designer as was his dad before him, Grandpa Joe. I never really met Grandpa Joe, unless you consider him holding me as a baby as a proper introduction, but I do know his legacy through the rings, necklaces, bracelets, broaches that I wear ever day. I know him through stories of his generosity of making neighborhood kids penny rings, Marlene Dietrich a bracelet, and the countless boxes and bags of creations and stones he’s left behind.

I would  be remiss if I didn’t share his journey to jewelry design. He contracted spinal meningitis which left him to spend the rest of his life in a  wheel chair, but his creativity grew in spite of the physical obstacle. Through an occupational program at the hospital he learned the craft & was able to support & provide for his wife and three children. Amazing story, right?

My dad carries on his legacy through his own designs. One of his simple, staple designs is the heart knot ring. My every day ring that I never take off.

sterling silver heart knot ring with gold bubble

If you would like to enjoy one of these lovely heart knot rings with gold bubble on your finger, email me at cbensten@blueeggbrownnest.com or my dad, Richard Masaniello at masaniello@gmail.com. Cost per ring is $30.

You can also contact him to discuss his wealth of other ring & necklace designs, including:


Large turquoise ring sterling silver                 Double gold slip knot ring (14 kt)

Just to share the breath and contrast of his work, I want to include another piece that hangs in a shadow box in my home.

cameo broach w/ calla lilies

I’d say he needs his own blog, yea?!


  1. Diane Felice says:

    Gorgeous! He is very talented…talent runs in the family!

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