…favorite things friday: accessories for my space

Have I told you lately how excited I am about Luckett’s? So, I have a question for you. Are there items around my home that you’ve eyed and wished that you could get your hands on? If so, I want to know what they are! I’m starting to shop wholesale for my space and want to fill it with items that you love & perhaps recognize. Kinda like this:


Like I tell my kids, Mommy’s job is to HELP YOU. My job selling at Luckett’s is to HELP YOU find pieces that you are in love with. Yes, yes, I am on the hunt for that green/beige horse with wheels that many of you are dying for. I’m trying!

I’m pretty sure we are going to need at least one Mora clock, some urns, Santos Dolls, statues, etc.










My goal is to find objects that I love and would put in my home. I also want to sell things that you are not going to find in just your local Pottery Barn. I will also have a ton of vintage items so don’t fret.

I would love to hear what you want to see at  my space!


  1. Hey Christen

    A vintage rocking horse very similar to what you are looking for your readers is here:


    The company is:


    Vintage Rocking Horse
    [Product Code: 55346]


  2. I love your birds nests haven;t been able to find them that nice. You had them for sale once and they all sold out. The adorable (willow ?) placemats or plate holders you had on your holiday table, I think it was Thanksgiving. The turquoise or (duck egg blue) blue accents are also very beautiful.

  3. Judy Woodbury says:

    Hi, here are some ideas I have: Table clothes, clocks, floral dishes, chandeliers, quilts, wire baskets, telephones, birdcages, vine wreath like the green ones you have, some old Christmas ornaments around that time of year. Watering cans, rugs, world globe, books, old vases, mason jars, dollies, tea cups, tiered servers, frames, old pieces of jewelry, lace. Hope this helped.

  4. Definitely Mora clocks that are not crazy expensive! And antique garden urns.


  5. If you are buying new items to sell, I think it would be important to try for American made, if possible. I try not to purchase items made in China, although it is challenging!

  6. I know people comment on your botanical prints a lot, the framed sheet music, shallow baskets like you hang on your wall by the kitchen table, good faux or dried greenery balls. Hope that helps! Enjoy the shopping!

  7. I’m a retailer myself so if you’re looking for new resources, try Vagabond Vintage, Park Hill Collection, and the Creative Co-Op. Personally I love everything in your home so I want it all! Especially the horse and the Santos dolls!

  8. I totally agree with Barbara about doing your best and buy American made products rather than the “made in China”. Most of the time the products are inexpensive because they are poorly made.

  9. Love vintage, rustic, and some slight French/Shabby look decor. Really would enjoy the horse, dolls, olive and wire baskets, vintage quilts, clocks, old gray and white colored clay pots, old ice cream churns. Hope this helps.

  10. Betty in Arlington says:

    Barbara knows best; made in China isnt what we want,Christen! Put your unique magic on things you repurpose for us! Will look forward to seeing what somes next! Glad your shopette will be on the first floor (?); my knees cant take all thise stairs at Lucketts! God bless your new venture!

  11. The answer is YES!! You know we all love the reproduction rocking horses but I know you’ve mentioned several times that you haven’t been able to track anymore down at this time. I would LOOOOOVE to buy your pew!!!! 🙂 I also LOVE the rounded-front smaller side table you have, it might be considered a Bombay-style table? Absolutely any horse or rocking horse decor is wonderful and I loved your Santos doll so much I spent months hunting one down so I’m sure others would love it too. I also adore your dough bowl that is more rounded and shallow that you have photographed with, I believe, green-handled paintbrushes. I would swipe that up to in half a heartbeat!! We always swoon over your cages/cloches with books and such inside and grain-sack anything. Everything British (pillows, throws, etc.) would make me trek right down there too 🙂 Okay, I”m done lol. Can you tell how excited we are for you?!?! xoxoxo

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