…Favorite Things Friday – an old suitcase goes a long way

I’m kind of not kidding when I say an old suitcase will make a huge difference in your space. Whether you have a traditional look or more straight lines or pull your space out of a Pottery Barn catalog, an old, ragged suitcase will make a statement.

Here are some of mine.

I bought these from the wonderful BB Home gals.

Are we in my dining room or a train station? A church? A hospital hallway as see in Nurse Jackie? (Can’t get enough of Edie Falco.)

These are from Stylish Patina.

I picked this large one that rests near the couch.

You can find old cases all over Etsy. I was coming home from a meeting this morning in Frederick and stopped in a few antique stores and spotted at least 6 along the way.





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