…favorite things friday – art show

As you all know my dad is an artist in his own right, a metalsmith & jeweler, as was his dad before him. He is a part of Great Falls Studios, which is a local arts consortium of about 100 artists in the area.

This month they are holding a show at the US Geological Survey Building. These are REAL artists. Check out my dad’s necklace in the lower left corner.



Here are some of his other designs. Every piece is handcrafted and custom made.

2 large


13 large

They also have a studio tour coming October 17-19. Check out their site for more details. I know many of my readers attended last year’s event! Thank you.

The 2014 Great Falls Studio Tour

50 Artists in 26 Locations

October 17-19 2014

Free Admission!

PS – I realize I am a bit tardy in getting this post out!



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