…favorite things friday: boxwood ball

I love having bits of green in my home, but I am hopeless when it comes to keeping a house plant alive. Fake plants look fake. Preserved plants look a bit better. I have some preserved boxwoods and moss balls scattered about my home.






I always keep my eye out for them because they can be hard to find. Just found these for at Home Decorators.


Preserved Boxwood Ball – 3 sizes.

Green is also a beautiful, little hint of spring!

PS – Prayer works. Keep them coming. Sweet Bensten has moved to camp rehab and is doing some moving & speaking. Miracles happen in real life. God is good. Bensten is healing. We are breathing again.





  1. Wonderful news on Bensten!

  2. Kim Bennett says:

    Beautiful…thanks for sharing your beautiful home and especially for sharing the great news about Bensten! Continued prayers for him!

  3. do the cats chew on the boxwood ??

  4. Love to have some preserved greenery, can you tell me where you buy it? Thanks!

  5. So happy that God is working in B-man’s healing. Prayer will continue. Loved the video. I cried tears of joy when I saw it.

  6. You are amazing! Adore your fun and authentic personality on YouTube! Many prayers for your family. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home and your talent. I can’t stop painting! I would love to know the type of greenery that you used in the huge urn filled with vintage items (on the blue table). Are they grape leaves? I would love a resource for shopping high quality preserved greens.

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