…favorite things friday: canvas photo

I think printing a photo on canvas is a really cool idea. I have just never done it before…until now. I wanted to print something large of my nest that has meant so much to me.


I think it came out really well. I just wanted to put my little mascot somewhere on my wall to remind me of Blue Egg Brown Nest and transforming the old into life again.




I went large and vertical. I just need to find a home for it.

I had mine printed at Easy Canvas Prints and it was about $69 for this print. Since my order I’ve received all kinds of coupons so I think I’m going to do some large ones for my kids’ rooms of something that displays their interests. I already have Fiona’s picked out.


(She wants to be a doctor and almost insisted on touching the real brain at the science museum. I thought this came as close as she was going to get for now.)


  1. Maureen says:

    Hey, Christen! I am finally able to decorate our basement after several years of water “issues” and (thanks to you!) I am using chalk paint to transform yard sale/consignment finds into a beachy retreat. I took a sunset picture at the beach last summer with beautiful colors that I knew would work on the mantle, but needed a large scale and chose to do the same thing~ put it on canvas! It looks wonderful and now I have been bitten by the bug! Once you see how beautiful your pictures look on canvas, you want transform all of them.
    I discovered your blog about 9 months ago and I am HOOKED! I grew up in Arlington, VA, so I feel a connection to you as I believe that is where you live. I recently chose to “retire” from full time teaching and just substitute a few days a week and you have inspired me to finally work on all the projects that have been bouncing around in my head for the past 4 years (I stayed home for years after my son was born and went back when he was in 4th grade~ just WAY TOO HARD to be a mom and a teacher; at least it was for me. I know my limitations!). I have been praying for you since your accident and am so glad that you are feeling better!!

  2. What a gorgeous photo canvas! When you take such beautiful pictures, printing photos on canvas really is the best way to emphasise them!

  3. Betty in Arlington says:

    Praying for you, Christen! Your creativity is a natural!

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