…favorite things friday – DISC

I believe I have talked about these DISCs before in a post about hanging plates, but I recently used them again and they are amazing.


I love using plates as wall decor. They are an inexpensive and the patterns & colors are endless. Of course, I prefer white. These DISC adhesive plate hangers let you hang your plates without having to use those awful wire hangers.


Handy DH. There’s no project he will shy away from!


1. Clean your plates well & let dry.

2. Dampen the disc with a wet paper towel. You will notice that a light glue starts to form.


3. Press DISC onto plate and smooth down with pressure.

4. Let dry overnight.


5. Then hang!



I found these super cute, gold-trimmed vintage plates off Etsy. I prefer old plates because you can find some amazing ones, but if you see a print from the latest PB catalogue they will look cute on your walls too!


The DISC is made in England and I found mine off Amazon. Keep in mind that there are several sizes so choose the right one for your size plate.



  1. your plates look simple and lovely. i have taken to using ironstone chamber lids. these discs are also available at hobby lobby. 🙂

  2. Is there any damage to the wall when you remove the discs? I have plates on my wall using those ugly wire hangers and I swap them out for Christmas plates once a year. Just wondering how easy removal is. Thanks

  3. Hi, we get these discs here in New Zealand at the local hardware store – they are great and safe in Earthquakes!!! No plates fell off the wall.

  4. I can not believe the timing of this post. My mom just gave me some gorgeous plates my great-great grandma, had hanging in her home. I have been dreading using those stupid wire hangers, this is perfect!!! Thank you for sharing!

  5. I love this idea! I always have a fear of hanging plates that they’ll fall and break! I’ll definitely look for these! Thank you!~~Angela

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