…Favorite Things Friday – Eames

When I first heard the name from my new friend Tippi (whom you may remember from posts such as the Washington Post photoshoot. She’s the art director) I thought of my fav Law & Order CI character:

Love her. Miss her.

No, Tippi was referring to Ray Eames the American designer.

Love hearing about designers whose work I know, but don’t know much about. Like me, you will know what I mean when I use the term Eames chair and show you this picture:

I feel the need to admit that I watch Frasier reruns late on Frasier Friday and often find myself starring at the Eames chair in his Seattle home wondering if it’s a great as all the hype.

Always thought it was a Herman Miller, but I just found out that Herman Miller took over production.

I think we would all be ecstatic to have one of these even in our living room even if the style didn’t fit anything we owned. I would be jumping up and down. Or rather sitting cozy finishing up The Hunger Games.

So, not many of us will be able to buy the $4,000 chair, but the Eames name carries other furniture, toys, pillows, books, etc. Why do I feel like there would be knock off Eames products in Target. You know what I mean?

For an eduction: http://www.eamesoffice.com/charles-and-ray





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