…favorite things friday – egg basket

I have to say this little egg basket is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Of course, I’m slowly trying to plant the seed in my DH’s head that we totally need a chicken coup! Dying for one. That and a cow. And 20 cats.


Egg Basket from Antique Farmhouse – $14.

I don’t know if it’s my need for a real farm or that I just want my cage-free organic brown eggs (they really are better with that orange yolk!) to look pretty in the fridge. Either way, I bought mine already.

Here’s to brunch!


  1. There are some breeds that lay green eggs (minus the ham) and some that lay very light brown that almost look pink. We have all of them. Great experience for kids, just a lot of work.

    Have fun! And a great weekend,

  2. Oh do get some chickens!! They are so much fun. We have some and my kids play with them and my daughter takes care of them and cleans the coop. I love watching them run around the yard. Oh and the eggs are really the best!!!

  3. Ruth Anne says:

    Hi Christen–I noticed on my Facebook page that Michelle at Chalkboardblue.com posted a link to the dimensions for her chicken coop. If you do not already follow her, here is the link:
    Hope you get your chickens!

  4. Chickens really are great to have! We live on 40 acres…but even if we didn’t…I’d keep at least a few chickens. I save all my best scraps for my girls and they give back the BEST eggs with bright orange yolks. I’ve given eggs away to city friends before who threw them away thinking they were bad because the yolks were so orange…they thought that wasn’t normal! ha!

  5. I love this egg basket so much I bought one yesterday. I also love farm fresh eggs, but have two issues with keeping chickens: chicken poop and my chicken crazy French bulldog. My neighbors had a few beautiful free range red hens last year that routinely freely ranged into my yard. Let’s just say, I think my right arm is now longer than the left because he dragged me all over the yard chasing chickens! Luckily, I can buy fresh eggs from the Amish farm down the road. Thanks, Christen for your insight & inspiration!

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