…favorite things friday: gallery frames

Every Christmas I try to give my family a few framed family pictures to hang on our gallery on the stairwell. We typically do not do portrats because I love catching my kids being themselves and smiling every time I walk upstairs. The images are not glamorous or refined and either is the wall. I started with some expensive frames and as I’ve added to the space I matched them with inexpensive frames from Target or Michaels. The only thing that remains a common thread is the color of the wood on the frame.

As I was just starting to think about my pictures for this year, I received an online coupon in the mail for frames at Pottery Barn if you plug in the code: FRAMES. Thought I would make sure you knew about it too!

Check out these great images of stair galleries via Pinterest.







I’m sure there are a ton of tips and techniques to doing an image wall perfectly, but my brain doesn’t see it this way. I guess, my only tip would be that if you are going to mix and match frames then just make sure you fill up a large portion of the wall so it looks deliberate and not sparse. I think doing all colored photos or all black and white images is a good way to also get some cohesiveness.

I know we don’t have my space for frames on our desk or counter surfaces, but it sure is fun to see them on the walls!

Dear Uncle Brado, I’m finally going to get your awesome images up from the beach! This one will definitely be in the batch. xo


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