…favorite things friday: gold love

I don’t meant to take a hard turn from rustic love, but there is something so pretty about introducing a bit of gold into a space. I have always said that you can’t have a room that is all antiques and old, painted furniture. You need to have a bit of balance and that means combining new and old in an edited way. I know it can be a bit tricky to know what works, but looking at images really helps. I had lunch with a dear friend yesterday who said she was looking for a coffee table. My mind immediately went to gold. Here is what I mean.






Lovely, right? It’s a bit sleeker without being gaudy. It is also a lighter, airier look while still anchoring the room. If you room is rather cramped looking it could really be a good choice for you. A look like this really works in a living room.

The good news is that you can find tables like this all over the place in many price points. Here are a few examples with links…


Phoenix Coffee Table


Monaco Coffee Table


Horchow Coffee Table

On a side note, while having lunch with said friend, we “ran” into Nats player Bryce Harper. He is way, way in the background with the baseball at.



  1. Christen,
    Love the touches of gold. The part that makes it so lovely is the tone is a bit soft/muted and it is repeated elsewhere in the room. It is like jewelry for your room.

  2. Marilyn in Mt. Vernon, VA says:

    How cool to see Bryce!

    I agree about using gold. I love it used with light gray walls, or any color walls; gold really warms up gray so beautifully.

    Go, Nats!

  3. Judy Woodbury says:

    Hi Christen! Hope is going well at Lucketts (which I’m sure it is) love the mirror in the first picture and yes the gold does add that little something. Can’t wait to see your items at Lucketts for those of us in Wisconsin. But I’d love to come there.

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