…favorite things friday: magic tablecloth

When we first moved in our our newly built home, I did not have a dining room table. I had planned out every room the way I wanted it to look and with a great idea from Celia, my mother-in-law, I decided not to buy a table that I couldn’t afford, but rather buy a tablecloth.

This is the look I had (before I could eventually purchase a wood dining table):


No one ever knew that I had a old, round table underneath! (This photo is from Wisteria)

I took my old kitchen table and had DH cut a round circle out of wood to lay on top. I wanted the table to look large, but one could always just lay a cloth over any round table and have it pool at the bottom.

Wisteria sells these awesome burlap tablecloths in several colors. If you too can’t afford a new dining table, this is a great way to get a finished look.

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 Colored Burlap Tablecloth from Wisteria…$89

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