…Favorite Things Friday – Natural Elements by Ashley


One of my dear mommy friends just started her own business selling painted antlers – Natural Elements by Ashley. Before I go any further, I need to note that as popular as antlers and resin/faux animal heads are becoming, antlers are actually shed by the deer.  Who knew? “All deer antlers need to fall off once a year as antler re-growth is a natural part of the deer anatomy.” (resource: ehow)

Exhale. I certainly don’t want to be kicked out of PETA.

Once getting past this I ordered a large, white antler from Ashley who sells shed deer antlers. Still trying to find the perfect place for it.

I know you’ve seen them everywhere as I have. Restoration Hardware chandelier.

(below) resin antlers from Ballard.

Faux white dear head from Banana Tree Studios on Etsy

Not sure how Ashely gets it all done as she is a lawyer on Capitol Hill and has 3 cutie pies of her own! Check out her site: Natural Elements by Ashley

This post is dedicated to my deer-loving BIL, Tyler Bensten 🙂


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