…favorite things friday: netpure

There are so many wonderful things that I get to say and do because I have a gateway to you, Beautiful Readers, through my site Blue Egg Brown Nest. One of the benefits is that I get to cast a light onto things that I value and deem as beautiful or important OR beautiful and important! One of these things comes from a very dear friend and his sweet family – of which happen to be my neighbors and close friends. I do life with these people. Our kids tumble off the bus in a big heard and run off to play in the chain of homes that keep our close circle of friends. My neighborhood has been one of the greatest blessings of my adult life.

Jared Agnew is one of these neighbors and an incredibly smart individual. He has spent the last year creating a product that not only is clever, but is completely and totally necessary in today’s world. Netpure is a small cylinder that you plug into your computer or ipad and keeps your kids from seeing all the bad stuff on the internet. I’m talking about technology that will keep our kids away from the bad guys! If you are a mom, you know how hard it is to protect your kids from things they should not see on the internet. I know as my kids get to that age, I feel more and more terrified and not sure of how I am going to control all this.

This is what Netpure looks like. It’s the shape of an average cylinder candle, but much lighter. You plug it in. Done.


You literally plug it in and you can limit your kid’s screen time and block sites for the devices that your kid’s are on. You can do all of this while still accessing the content that you yourself want to see. Can you imagine how huge this could be? I say “can you” because it doesn’t quite exist yet. We can’t walk into the Apple store and buy it YET. We are at the Kickstarter phase and Netpure needs to reach $80,000 in order to produce this. I know this product will eventually make it into our stores, but how cool could it be if you could help this family, my friends, make it there. Check out their video explaining more and please consider helping.

Kickstarter is the way you can donate money and help get Netpure to market. We have already helped and cannot wait to be able to use it when it gets to market!

As a side note, you should know that at least one if not two of my children seem destined to marry into the creator’s of Netpure’s family. We love these littles ones as our own.

(My daughter Greta and her “friend” William on their first day of school.)



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