…Favorite Things Friday – Paula & Erika

No, not my favorite Paula Deen that fell from grace last week. (Every time they show that clip of her stacking a hamburger with a glazed doughnut bun I secretly think to myself I should have tried that one recipe.) I used to have visions of her embracing me with warm, fluffy arms in her welcoming Savannah kitchen and cooking the Lady & Sons chicken & dumplings.

Today I’m talking about Paula & Ericka from New Jersey. And from Etsy.

Just received my latest purchase from their shop and it makes me want to lock my kids out of my bedroom and finish flipping through at least half my InStyle.

Cottage, white, clean…and the big secret to which I will reveal to my faithful readers – a slipcover! Like some of you, I had an ugly ottoman that goes with an ugly chair buried an unfinished guestroom. The only thing I used it for was to have a flat surface to wrap Christmas presents on. Then I saw her potential.

In fact, I love this slipcover so much I probably would have found a way to make a crumby ottoman or foam-type box shape just so I could buy this & put it as another surface for my feet & lovely books in my bedroom.

I actually showed her this picture from a magazine, which had the ottoman in burlap.

Looks so great in that burlap color in a living room. Maybe my next order. Paula & Erika also make floppy pillow shams, which I bought 2 of in the crisp, white cotton.

After a dinner date night with my DH, I am going to lock myself away in my white room, feet on my new ottoman and turn this week’s episode of Revenge that I missed.

P.S. 5 days until Washington Post photo shoot of Blue Egg Brown Nest!




  1. Can I pay you to come out to SF and just decorate our entire home?? PLEASE?! Bring the kiddies and I will watch them while you create a masterpiece 🙂

  2. Erandi Salgado says:

    I heart white rooms!! I am on a mission for a white room master!!

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