…favorite things friday: runners

Every few years I have to replace my kitchen runners. I love having carpets on either side of my island because it makes a white kitchen look a bit more cozy. You may remember the chunky jute runners I had:


I love them and very well may go back to them. However, every time one of the thick knots came lose, I would just cut it off. Eventually the just unraveled too much.

I thought I would try something fresh for Spring. I bought some indoor/outdoor runners.


These are from Ballard and are in a spa blue, lattice print.





Don’t look at the dirty dishes in my sink! I tried to hide them 🙂 I have been very happy so far. They are super easy to clean. Even the mud from my dog’s paws comes up easily with rug cleaner and a rag. The color is clean. DH approves of this one.


Happy Friday, Friends!


  1. They look great. You still have one of the most beautiful kitchens one can find on the internet. I love that you started the large lanterns above the island look long before everyone else. So beautiful.

  2. So I’ve always been in love with your old jute runners. Where did you get them? P.S. I love the new ones too 🙂

  3. i have had 2 of these in the antique red color for over 6 yrs as my hallway runners and they are still amazing! I absolutely love them! Withstand dogs, kids and everything else so well!
    Was just thinking of getting some for the kitchen, as well! Thank you for the prompt

  4. Love it! can you please tell us where you purchased the window treatment in your kitchen window.

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