…favorite things friday: silver bells

I must seriously be getting old because I have started shopping for my Christmas decorations in October! I used to HATE seeing Christmas swag before December and this year I found myself buying an ornament at the beach this summer! Oh my!

In my defense, I’m trying to see Christmas through the eyes of my children and what is more exciting than decorating a tree for kids? Of course, I refuse to bring in any plastic Santas or ceramic trees….yet.

I am a sucker for bells, however, and found these awesome ones at Home Decorators.

18174 (1)

Silver Bells on Rope.

These are on sale at the moment for $12! I even had a dream about them last night where I spray painted them red! This could easily be done with a can of spray paint for metal from the hardware store.


  1. Shelley Turner says:

    I went to the website to order these bells and it said the expected shipping date is 3-11-14. Did you just order yours?

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