…favorite things friday: slate pots

I’m crazy for these slate pots! I usually only see terracotta, which I only like the look of when it has some pretty, aged moss. These, however are so appealing to me.




Aren’t the special?! I love that they are straight as well. I am not a huge Terrain shopper because the site is rather pricey, but these are a good deal. In fact, I love most of their planters. It’s a good resource for Spring!



  1. So much more attractive than the terra cotta pots!

  2. I love these. If you like the terra-cotta aged look Pots, I was told that you can rub some buttermilk onto the terra-cotta pots and then rub some moss on them to give them that aged look. Don’t be surprised if they start to have Moss began to grow on them.

  3. I’d bet you could paint (very inexpensive) terra cotta pots and come pretty close to this look!

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