…favorite things friday: steele

If you are a child of the 80s or had a child of the 80s you know when the movie Annie first came out. My sister Sharon and I were a bit obsessed with the orphans and would often role play the hard knock life.


I was Molly. If you remember the movie or have seen the musical you know that one of the major props in the orphanage was the large laundry cart where they hid Annie and smuggled her out of the orphanage. At this point you may be asking where I’m going with this. Well, it’s the latest product that I’m totally obsessed with and think everyone I know should own one.


They call it a canvas trunk, but we all know it’s a play on the large vintage laundry cars. I often see the originals at flea markets and am inches away from buying one, but never know how clean they really are.


Like most moms, I. Do. So. Much. Laundry. Round and round and round and the cycle never stops. I fold it in my bedroom and wheeling it from the laundry room to my room has changed my life. Not kidding.

Crate and Barrell sells the Steele Divided Canvas Sorter – $139.95

It also comes in a smaller size, but if you have kids go with the largest available!

steele-square-canvas-bin (1)




  1. I lovvve that laundry canvas sorter (the large one). I’ve had a rolling canvas laundry hamper that I absolutely love but it will often tumble over (It folds up). The one you show looks sturdy and just right for a family! Wish you were having one for a prize, I would have loved to win one! 😉

  2. OOOO, I’m in love! that smaller one would be perfect in my little laundry room. I’m so over the plastic laundry baskets.

  3. Space is at a premium in my laundry room. What would make the cart with the double bin absolutely perfect is if it had a basket on the bottom to hold detergent and bleach.

    Thanks for showing these.

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