…favorite things friday – the shadow box

Don’t underestimate the importance of a shadow box. It is a place where you can display some valuable and important objects to you and your family and it can be beautiful and rather inexpensive wall decor.

As most of you know, my grandfather was a jewelry designer. He made some incredible designs that need to be shown when not worn. I found these shabby shadow boxes w/ latch at Pottery Barn months ago and they finally just arrived. Seems they are on sale at the moment.


I love using a large box so it looks prominent. You can certainly find these at your craft store, but chances are they may be simple & black. In that case I’d play with Chalk Painting them to create a real look.

I promise I’ll take pix once they are properly hung!

My daughter’s beloved “Bunny” will be preserved in at shadow box once he is finished being cuddled. That could be a while.

IMG_8587.JPG copy

(Bunny & Greta in our 2nd home.)



  1. Greta is too cute!!

  2. I just opened up my shop on Etsy and the shipping process is still very confusing to me. How do you weigh your furniture so that you can go ahead and list the shipping cost with your furniture?

  3. Does the shadow box come with the linen background? If not, can you share a great source for nicely priced linen fabric? My chairs are all chalk painted up and now I am onto the upholstery phase.

  4. How do you deal with pieces that have veneer?

  5. That little Greta is ADORABLE! Great idea for preserving her cuddle bunny 🙂


  6. I don’t want to be a downer, but “hanged” not “hung”… sorry< I was and English major and this one drives me crazy.

    Love your furniture and tutorials… I'm learning and getting into the business. I had to retire early, so this is a second career.

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