…favorite things friday: the vintage horse

If you see a vintage horse out and about, buy it. Swipe the tag, bring it up to the register, hit the “Shopping Cart” button on your computer and buy it. I have several in my home and I love that it adds a bit of texture & history.




Big, small, heavy, light, beaten up, missing a hoof, etc. Doesn’t matter. Buy it.

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I think a horse is usually a great compliment to your distressed piece. Make sure it’s antique or vintage. This is one item that I will tell you NOT to paint!

(Images via Pinterest.)




  1. I have been looking for one, but with no luck. Believe you me, when I find one I will be doing just what you said! Thank you for all your inspiration and for just being you!

  2. I never see these out shopping in antique malls etc however I will start looking for them .
    I have noticed the horse heads like a bust . I bought a horse sand like bust at a yard sale for $3.

  3. There are no horses in my home yet but I do like them. They make me feel a little whimsical and child like but also sophisticated. I like the first one you have displayed in this sequence the best.

  4. Shandon says:

    I have an antique horse that must have been a rocker..it is in need of a lot of repair( head is coming off) tail is horses hair.. What do you recommend?

  5. I love horses – used to own a bunch of real horses and years ago started a collection of horse figures from around the world. Whenever I travel I bring one back with me. So far, I have one from London, Paris, Hong Kong, Barcelona and Mexico! They are ceramic, marble, crystal, mosaic and iron. I will now be on the lookout for antique horses!

  6. Hi!

    I have been looking everywhere for one that I can afford! The live ones in my barn will have to do for now!


  7. What a great collection, Kristen. I think prevalence is a regional thing. I have one that I purchased from a dealer’s personal collection, but they’re not a typical sighting in our area. Yours are all very handsome!

  8. I love all of your beautiful horses! My daughter is horse crazy too and you have given my a wonderful idea for Christmas, thank you!

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

  9. I’ve always admired your horses and your eye to see the beauty in something like that. It definitely inspired me and today I received an ebay purchase. A ‘french, vintage wooded painted horse’. I have doubts about whether its authentically ‘french’ or ‘vintage’ but I suspected that when I clicked ‘buy’ But I certainly love him and I can’t wait to find a good spot for him in my home.

  10. I was looking for something like this. I own a horse farm in Texas and wanted to recreate all of my horses. That’s my challenge for 2021. Wish me luck!

  11. I was looking for something like this. I own a horse farm in Texas and wanted to recreate all of my horses. That’s my challenge for 2021. Wish me luck:)

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