…favorite things friday – twitter

Ok, who is on Twitter?

I attended my Kindergardener’s Back to School NIght and the big push is to get all the parents on Twitter. My posts get “automatically” tweeted aka my DH pushed a little button to have them tweeted. I have to do nothing. I don’t even get on it. But, I guess I need to now if I’m supposed to find out about the Sea Turtle class 🙂


Google Analytics tell me that I have millions of readers, but Twitter tells me that all these readers are not following on Twitter. So, I’m going to start tweeting more and I would love if you all “followed” me there! Not sure what to do?

1. Go to Twitter

2. Open an account. If you have an account do a search for “Blue Egg Brown Nest”.

3. Click on my icon. A little screen pops up.

4. Click “Follow”.

OR follow @blueeggbrown (twitter would not let me use fit the nest part). This is what you will see.


Done! You can then sign on and see my tweets and tweet me! You can do this!


Image 1


  1. Ive been putting off opening a Twitter account, but I think I’m going to do it! #getwiththetimes

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